High-quality ingredients, authentic Italian cooking, fantastic atmosphere

Part modern Italian, part classic Italian, Ospi (short for ospiante or “host” in English) is our version of a casual lunch trattoria, familial dinner restaurant, or a fun recovery brunch spot on the weekends.

Ospi is the sophomore restaurant of Jackson Kalb and Melissa Saka, focused on Southern Italy’s cooking and way of life. The name derives from ospitante (“host” in Italian), with the expectation that guests will feel as comfortable at Ospi as they would at a friend’s dinner party.

There are plenty of house-made pastas as well as an expanded offering of pizzas. The beverage program crafted by Kalb features mostly Californian and Southern Italian wines, and a full bar with a special negroni section.

At Ospi, the pizza is inspired by the techniques of Antico Forno Roscioli, which Kalb and Saka frequented while visiting Rome. Focusing on romana tonda-style crusts that are cracker-thin, Kalb is adapting a recipe that he feels will resonate with the LA diner. He believes that it’s extremely important to not take food too seriously. His favorite pizza on the menu is inspired by Melissa’s go-to custom pizza at Fresh Brothers — a tomato pie with pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeno. Kalb’s version, the “Hapa,” is topped with slow-smoked pepperoni macinati, slow-roasted pineapple, and raw pickled jalapeno.

The menu also features a section devoted to fett’unta, thick slices of toasted country bread glossed with olive oil. Toppings range from a simple touch of garlic to a Calabrian chili spread with stracciatella, basil oil, and toasted pignoli.